What makes Kerala Wedding Customs Unique?

Kerala is rich in culture, tradition and heritage. As Keralites, we are recognized worldwide for the values and etiquettes we have learned from our ancestors.It is perfectly reflected in any discipline associated with the state. People respect each other’s custom and practice. Keralites unite for occasions like celebrations and marriages, irrespective of the religion or community that they belong. Kerala wedding is one such custom that well reflects and encompasses the morality of Kerala.
Muslim Marriage:

Muslim marriage is otherwise called ‘Nikhah’. It begins with the ascertainment of the girl’s and the boy’s family background, the latter pays the first visit to the former. If both parties are on par with each other’s family status, the next step is ‘Valayidal’. It is generally a ladies function, in which the would-be mother-in-law will present the bride-to-be with golden bangles as a token of their acceptance towards their relationship at girl’s residence. ‘Valayidal’ is the first …

How to find the perfect match for NRI Malayalees?

Marriage is considered as one of the most important bonds created by God. Every person desires a partner who is smart, attractive, well-settled and meets your intellectual needs. For centuries, the parents settled on a prospective bride or groom for their offspring with the help of family members, friends or marriage brokers who carried photo albums and horoscopes of eligible spouses. But, soon people stated to follow the online matrimonial matchmaking services as it was easy and reliable. Online matrimony sites have mushroomed from every corner to help set up arranged marriages. These free matrimonial websites offers the best matrimonial matchmaking services for all religions and communities and especially NRIs. Finding your prospective NRI bride or NRI groom is made easy with the help of these websites. To ensure that you find the soul mate of your choice, the matrimonial portals will have various profiles of all the prospective Brides and Grooms residing in foreign countries and w…

Finding A Malayalee life Partner is much Easier !!!

Online matrimony sites have developed from every corner of Kerala to help Malayalees set up arranged marriages. Leading matrimony sites have also implemented micro-market strategies for offering matchmaking services for every caste/community throughout Kerala. Therefore, finding the best Hindu matrimonials in Kerala or the best Christian matrimonials in Kerala or even the best Muslim matrimonials in Kerala is made easy and hassle free. As we know the number of people relying on matrimony sites to find suitable matches nowadays is increasing day by day. They have become an integral part of arranged marriages in Kerala. You can easily find your prospective malayalee bride/groom from any part of India easily through these matrimonial match making sites.
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Looking for a Malayali Life Partner?

Intimate Matrimony is a pioneer in matrimonial matchmaking services committed to provide 360 degree solutions to all prospective Kerala brides and grooms. By choosing Intimate Matrimony you will be served with right guidelines and assistance for your partner search from the desired target group. We all have heard of this phrase ‘Marriages are made in heaven’ but, this can now be modified as ‘Marriages are made online’. In this Digital era finding a bride and groom is made simple by these online matrimonial websites. Intimate Matrimony is here to make matrimonial matchmaking hassle free with exclusive Marry Gold package. Let’s check out some of the benefits of this exclusive package offered by Intimate Matrimony for its valuable customers.
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Significance of Engagement Ceremony in Indian Weddings

Indian Marriages involve maximum rituals, traditions and vibrancy when compared to any other marriages around the globe. Marriages are considered as the binding of two hearts and they solemnly pledge to share every sorrow and joy with one another. The couples exchange rings with each other during the Engagement Ceremony. Therefore it is also known as the Ring Ceremony. Engagement ceremonies are almost similar across most of the religions and there is only difference in the details of the rituals. Engagement ceremony marks the formal announcement of the official date of the wedding in most regions with the ring exchange ceremony. In some cultures engagement ceremony is held long before the wedding, as long as one year whereas in some others it is held a day or two prior the actual wedding. Exchanging of rings is not a mandatory ceremony for all cultures across the country, but it is a ritual that formally announces the grand wedding. Unlike wedding ceremonies across different culture…

Importance of Gold Ornaments in Kerala Wedding

Gold has a serious significance in Kerala weddings. People of all ages, whether they are from the girl’s side or the boy’s side wear attractive gold jewellery. Gold is an auspicious precious metal, which many people believe, brings wealth and prosperity along with the blessings of goddess Lakshmi. Bride’s look is not complete without the jewelry worn by her. Taking into account the religious perspective of people in Kerala, buying Gold jewelry is considered as a part of the custom and cultures. While, the actual beauty of the jewelry pieces lies in the blend of spiritual and cultural essences for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life. Jewellery that stands with the wedding day traditions with some creativity is what Kerala brides look out for during their big day. Traditional jewelleries are still proving to be desirable for the modern brides. Today, artisans and jewelers are constantly redefining the Kerala bridal accessories with the customization of the ar…

Best season for destination wedding in Kerala

The God’s own country offers the most exotic backdrops for your big day. Filled with lush green grasslands and palm trees, mesmerizing backwaters, amazing hill stations and serene beaches Kerala will definitely add to your dream wedding destination. Your destination wedding in the lap of Mother Nature will definitely leave you amazed and provide nothing less than a cinematic experience for the couple and the invited guests. Kerala definitely has a pleasant weather throughout the year and you can visit the state during monsoon or even summer. Kerala is considered as a natural choice for a destination wedding and people from different parts of the country choose Kerala to enjoy a peaceful gateway from the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy their wedding in the lap of Mother Nature.
The first and foremost thing to consider while planning a wedding in Kerala is the climatic conditions. Monsoon is the best period to enjoy the real beauty of tropical land. The evergreen ambience…