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What makes Kerala Wedding Customs Unique?

Kerala is rich in culture, tradition and heritage. As Keralites, we are recognized worldwide for the values and etiquettes we have learned from our ancestors.It is perfectly reflected in any discipline associated with the state. People respect each other’s custom and practice. Keralites unite for occasions like celebrations and marriages, irrespective of the religion or community that they belong. Kerala wedding is one such custom that well reflects and encompasses the morality of Kerala.
Muslim Marriage:

Muslim marriage is otherwise called ‘Nikhah’. It begins with the ascertainment of the girl’s and the boy’s family background, the latter pays the first visit to the former. If both parties are on par with each other’s family status, the next step is ‘Valayidal’. It is generally a ladies function, in which the would-be mother-in-law will present the bride-to-be with golden bangles as a token of their acceptance towards their relationship at girl’s residence. ‘Valayidal’ is the first …